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I am a proud husband of an amazing wife and father of two amazing daughters.

I began my training as a humanist celebrant with John Figdor, the former humanist chaplain of Stanford University as well as the Kochhar Humanist Education Program of the Humanist Institute. In 2018, I completed my first unit of clinical pastoral education training at Beaumont Hospital in Michigan. In May, 2022, I graduated with a a Masters of Divinity degree from Meadville Lombard Theological School.

I am certified by the Humanist Society, of which I was a board member for two years. As both a humanist celebrant and chaplain, I have officiated numerous ceremonies in Los Angeles, Savannah, and Detroit.

My published writing has appeared in  The Humanist magazine,, The Detroit Jewish News, The LA Times online as well as other publications. You can read all of my articles on my JournoPortfolio page.

I was ordained a Unitarian Universalist Minister on July 2, 2022 by Northwest UU Congregation in Southfield, MI.

My ministry will revolve around the work of the acknowledgment of truths, and liberation through accountability and action. I commit to speaking out as a minister where my voice is most needed – to others who share my identity and privilege. I commit to research and publication where my mind is most needed – in uncovering righteous truth, much of which has been obfuscated for too long. I commit to pastoral work where my heart is most needed – in a hospital as a chaplain, as a congregational minister if that is where I am called,  and in social justice organizations, to provide spiritual support.

In August 2022, I became a chaplain resident at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.